The Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit Trio

If you have ever wondered to yourself about the differences between any of our Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kits you are not alone.

First, all of the Dr. Don’s Kits are sterile kits used with various brands of shoulder positioners. The Dr Don’s Arm Canoe and Canoe-V are easily identifiable as alternatives to the Arthrex STaR Sleeves. The other three Dr. Don’s products variations are more difficult to distinguish by looking at the product pictures.

Let’s start with the most basic- the Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit #123101. The “123101” is used to position the arm laterally during shoulder arthroscopies and allows the surgeon access to the shoulder joint. It, along with the other two kits, features a snap hook that secures the sleeve to the shoulder distracter rather than the standard “S” hook used in the Instramed or DeRoyal kits.  We believe the snap hook offers a more secure connection. The Dr. Don’s 123101 is the most economical choice of the three kits.

Next is the Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit Northern #092201, nicknamed “The Northern.” This kit is modeled after the Arthrex Arm Suspension Kit AR-1635.  It is nearly identical to the Dr. Don’s 123101 with an added sterile foam hand grip, packaged separately, that is placed in the patient's hand before putting their arm into the sleeve for surgery. You can see the blue handgrip in the picture to the right.

And finally, there is the Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit Montana Kit #051724, nicknamed “The Montana.” This kit was developed in response to some surgeons’ preference for a reinforced stockinet sleeve. The reinforced sleeve better prevents any stretching or sagging during surgery. It is designed to be comparable to the Smith and Nephew Arm Suspension Kit #7210573.

The differences between the three kits can seem subtle, but I hope my descriptions have helped clear up any confusion you might have. If not you can always give us a call!


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