The Hoffee Suture Retriever

When orthopedic surgeons need to attach a suture through tendon to bone, they use a suture retriever. These devices make it easy for the surgeons to recover and reposition the suture while operating. After the suture has been recovered it can easily be secured to the bone and the healing can begin.  

There are a lot of choices when it comes to suture retrievers on the market; the most common is the Smith & Nephew Hewson, although Arthrex and ConMed have ventured into this market as well. Now there is another high quality and more cost effective answer to the question of which retriever should I choice, the answer is the Beatty Hoffee Suture Retriever.

With all these choices, why should you chose Beatty Hoffee Suture Retriever? The Hoffee’s blue suture loop offers increased visibility, it offers a durable blue aluminum handle which is easier to grasp then leading brands plastic one and the price is significantly lower. All contracts offer various pricing but by switching to Beatty you are likely to cut you cost on suture retrievers in half.

We here at Beatty strive to make the best possible low cost, high quality alternatives to name brand disposables for orthopedic surgery. As with any Beatty products, the Hoffee Suture Retriever maintains the highest quality standards for materials, assembly, packaging and sterilization

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