NEW! Lindy Traction Boot Insert

2012, 2013, and 2014 were the years of beach chair positioning. As more and more of our customers adopted the new positioning technique we manufactured disposables to fit the different positioners. We now have alternative for everything from the Smith & Nephew Tenet Face Mask to the more complicated Arthrex Trimano.

Today we are seeing a rise in hip arthroscopies. Which, of course, means we are also seeing several new positioners and disposables. Last year we came out with with the Carson Perineal Post Pad and Patient Care Boot Inserts for the Smith & Nephew Table. This year (and next) our product development team is working to create boot inserts and post pad covers for more brands.

We are very excited to have our first cases of Lindy Traction Boot Liners on the shelf now. The Lindy Boot Insert is a more slender foam than the thick Patient Care Boot Insert. It is sized to fit most any adult shoe size and packed individually. It is a fantastic alternative to the Allen A-93001.

As always if your OR would like to sample any Beatty products call, email, or order them online.

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