Lateral Versus Beach Chair for Shoulder Positioners

My last blog discussed the basics of beach chair positioning. Remembering that it is a way to position the patient during shoulder surgery (or a chair you use near the ocean). We will discuss the advantages of using a limb positioner device rather than the lateral position utilizing an arm suspension kit.

Arm suspension kits used with a lateral distraction tower to abduct, or pull away from the body.  The arm kits are made of either foam (see Dr. Don’s Arm Canoe) or an impervious stockinet (see Dr. Don’s Arm Suspension Kit). The patient will be on his or her side on the operating table with the operative side arm wrapped in a suspension kit. The arm suspension kit is then attached to the shoulder distraction system to secure the arm during surgery.

Shoulder stabilization kits are used with the patient in the beachchair position or lateral postiion and are usually made of foam (see Beatty Norton Arm Kit for the Allen Arm Positioner). These kits allow for the patient to be placed in a lateral position or into the beach chair position. From here the patient's arm is secured to the highly maneuverable arm positioner and positioned as necessary for the procedure.

The biggest advantage to using an arm positioner is that it allows for abduction, rotation and a full range of motion whereas an arm suspension kit can only abduct the arm and all rotation must be held by an assistant. The arm suspension kits are also limited to lateral decubitus positioning whereas the shoulder positioning device can be used both laterally and with the patient in a beach chair. Having a full range of motion allows the surgeon better accesibility to the shoulder.

Versatility is going to be key to the future of arm positioners. Because they can be manipulated easily with a foot pedal or the touch of a button, these arm positioners can be easily adapted to other body parts such as knees and ankles, making them an economical option for surgery centers and hospitals.

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