Hip Arthroscopies Move To ASCs

Did you know someone going in for hip surgery can be released the same day? Personally, I was very impressed when I heard about hip arthrosocpies being done in outpatient surgery centers, and I think it is amazing you can undergo hip surgery with a 23 hour stay.

As more hip arthroscopies were being done in outpatient surgery centers, our customers started to ask us about manufacturing the disposable soft goods to help save them money. We listened.

The anterior approach to hip arthroscopies if often performed on the Smith and Nephew Hip Distraction Table and this is the table we manufactured single use products for first. Anterior hip arthroscopies remove debris, scar tissue or other irritations associated with the hip joint that cause pain and discomfort. Not to be confused with a total hip replacement done in a hospital. For anterior approach, the patient lays supine and can be released after a 23 hour stay because it is a less invasive procedure than the lateral approach (where the patient is positioned on their side). Our two newest products, the Carson Perineal Post Pad (above) and the Patient Care Boot Insert (right), fit onto the Smith and Nephew Hip Distraction Table and offer our customers some needed cost savings during these procedures. The Carson sits between the thighs to pad the patient while the surgeon moves their legs during surgery and the feet are held in boots lined with our Patient Care Boot Inserts to protect against abrasions.

Another popular surgical table that allows for hip arthroscopies to be done in an outpatient setting is the OSI Hana Table. We are currently working to create an American-made version of the OSI disposable kit. If you would like to be contacted when samples are available please e-mail info@beatty.ms


Satisfied Customers

Great surgical positioning products priced much, much better than any other competitor.

Surgical Services Manager - Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital - Phenix City, AL

We used your Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever in a patella ORIF today. The surgeon who used it was impressed and said it is now his favorite! 

Administrator - Orangewood Surgical Center - Orange, CA

Though we may not use many of the Hoffee Suture Retriever, we would never consider using a competing suture retriever. Why, you ask? So glad you asked! Cost, obviously.

Materials Manager - Children's North Surgery Center - Broomfield, CO

The Carson Perineal Post Pad & the Patient Care Boot Inserts impress me due to their cost & performance. 

Materials Manager - Imperial Calcasieu Surgery Center - Lake Charles, LA