Effectively Sampling Beatty Products

Every facility has a process for bringing in new items and Beatty items do well in the value analysis comittee and surgeon evaluation. Taking a moment to ask yourself the right questions throughout the process will help you recieve timely and detailed feedback from your staff and make sure everyone if confident about the change.

Jane, Julie, and Paige are experts when it comes to the Beatty product line and assisting your facility through a trial. You are an expert when it comes to your staff and the orthopedic surgeries your facility preforms. We all want you to save money without sacrifcing quality. Ask yourself these questions as you move through the evaluation process.

When you review the price list and product information ask yourself:

  1. What measures have I taken to reduce surgery costs in 2015?
  2. Is now an acceptable time to introduce new products to my staff?
  3. What is my monthly usage and how much more am I spending each month by purchasing brand name disposables?
  4. Who are the key people that will evaluate the quality of Beatty samples?

After you and your rep have answered the above questions it will be clear which products and how many samples you will need for a tiral. The next questions are you get your OR team ready and motivated for an evaluation:

  1. When do my surgeons have their next case to evaluate each item?
  2. Does my staff understand the importance of the potential savings?
  3. Would I like to use, and do I have enough, product evaluation forms from Beatty?

A this point your surgeons and other OR staff will be on board with the switch. There is likely someone in purchasing that still needs to give final approval on the switch. During the final evaluation review you should consider:

  1. Who have we convinced and who do we need to convince of a beneficial switch to Beatty?
  2. How much money am I loosing by not switching these products?

Your sales rep will work with you at your own pace and will provide you the tools you need every step of the way. Asking yourself the above quesions will help you find cost savings sooner.

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