Beatty and Wounded Warriors

First a bit about us:  Every week at lunch Jeff Beatty, our esteemed boss and business owner, contributes a specified dollar amount for each new account, or new product into an existing account, that the sales team has brought in that week.  This money is deposited into our "pig" with great fanfare. In December this money totaled and contributed to a charitable organization selected by the employees.

We first heard about Wounded Warriors at the Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Conference. We had heard of Tough Mudder and some of their other events, but we were unfamiliar with the organization itself. During the time between vendor sessions Jane and Julie talked with Simon Schwartz about his work with the Wounded Warriors organization. Maybe it was his enthusiasm for the cause, the variety of events they offer, or just the right time and place, but when Jane and Julie got back to the office they had picked Wounded Warriors as our recipient for 2013.

Wounded Warriors serves physically and mentally injured veterans and service members.  More importantly they offer a variety of programs that include recreational activities to alleviate stress and promote physical health, as well as support groups and programs to help veterans transition into the workplace. In our opinion it is a well rounded and respected organization that more than deserved our yearly contribution.


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