Beating the Boot Pad Backorder Blues

Material backorders can be an occasional challenge and a significant cost for any operating room supply chain, from the largest medical center to an ASC with a single surgical suite.  They are a hassle for surgeons, OR techs, and patients alike.  Frustration can boil over when the backorder is on a seemingly dispensable item like a foam insert for positioning equipment, perhaps even leading to a decision to risk patient injury by forgoing the padding all together.

In April 2017, Smith & Nephew experienced a backorder on their hip table boot inserts (S&N #72200635), and orthopedic OR teams faced such a challenge. Several resolute materials managers and procurement agents were able to solve their supply problem by finding an alternate source with Beatty.   Because our close ties to local vendors allow for a greater control over inventory levels, Beatty quickly responded to the sudden increase in demand.  Our Patient Care Boot Insert was available for immediate shipment all month and continues to be in stock for any emergency.

Beatty’s Patient Care Boot Insert (120201) is designed to fit the supine hip positioning system boot the same as the manufacturer’s disposable insert, and it provides similar protection.  Our insert pad maintains high quality at a significantly lower price.  Beatty manufactures each boot insert in the USA and ships direct from our warehouse in Redmond, WA – it is available to ship the same day as ordered.

Locating an alternate source to a contracted vendor can help avoid delaying a surgery or putting the patient at risk of injury when facing an unexpected backorder.  Beatty manufactures lower-cost alternatives to many different name-brand products, a full list can be found here

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