Bad Knee Boomers

Baby Boomers - the generation that moved and grooved as hippies to rock n’ roll at Woodstock - are now demanding new and improved knees.  Boomers have an expectation of maintaining a physically active life into their 8th and 9th decade of life. The rate of knee replacements has doubled over the last ten years, becoming the leading surgery performed on adults over 45 years of age.  Improvement to the longevity of knee replacements and the availability of same-day surgeries for many of these procedures also contribute to the volume increase.

Beatty manufactures and sells a full line of pads for leg holders used in knee surgery including alternatives to the brand name pads for:  Allen Leg Holder, Arthrex Pivot Post, IMP® DeMayo Knee Positioner® 803 and 803-S, Schuremed Shure Grip, Smith & Nephew Acufex Knee Holder, and Zimmer Alvarado Knee Holder. 

As with all our products, these knee holder pads are made to the highest quality standards and offer significant cost-savings. 

And coming soon:  Sterile kits for the Universal ® DeMayo® Knee Distractor!

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