Arthrex Trimano Limb Positioner

Patient positioning for shoulder surgery has been evolving over the past five years.  There has been an increase in using beach chair positioners for shoulder procedures as opposed to the traditional lateral approach (See our blog from October 2014 for a more detailed description of these two positioning options.).  Several major orthopedic manufacturers have developed arm positioners to be used with the patient in the beach chair position.

So let’s focus this month’s blog on the most recent product in this category - The Trimano Arm Holder. Developed by Arthrex in 2104, the Trimano Arm Holder AR 1640 represents advancement in patient positioning for shoulder surgery.  The holder secures the arm in the desired position securely and enables the surgeon to have flexible positioning of the arm using the “click and Move” system, without the need for air or power.  A convenient advancement to be sure.

When using the Trimano Holder a sterile kit is required to secure the patient’s arm to the positioner.  This sterile kit consists of a foam wrap, the mechanical attachment, a hand grip, coban to secure the foam and grip and a camera drape to cover the holder for sterility. 

Of course, we here at Beatty know this is a product our clients need so we devised the Berkette Beach Chair Limb Positioning Kit which is a high quality, economically priced option for use with the Trimano Holder.  As with all of our products, we maintain the highest quality standards for materials, assembly, packaging and sterilization.

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