3 Ways to Find Savings in Your ASC

Make Vendor Contracts Work for You
If you are reading this blog then you already know switching to Beatty is one of the easier ways to save 20%-30% on disposables. We offer American-made quality and help you escape the trap of needing to purchase brand name disposables for your brand name equiptment. Contracts with your vendors should offer you pricing stability and be a benefit to your facility. Ask yourself what non-price-related assurences a contract offers, what is the true cost of the renting equiptment from your sales rep versus owning, and make sure you understand which products do and do not contribute to rebates.

Look at Usage & Shipping
Do you separate your shipping costs from your purchase orders? There will undoubtly be a time where you will need to order overnight or 3-day air but it is important to realize how quickly shipping costs add up. Beatty is always happy to help you analyze your usage and set up a standing order if that serves you. Alternatively Beatty is happy to bill your FedEx or UPS account.

Motivate Your All-Star Staff
Working at at an ASC comes with many benefits including schedule flexibility, a routine environment, and holiday and weekend time off. Overall your facility is likely an enjoyable place to work. With pressure to reduce staffing costs it becomes even more important to retain your key people and utilize everyone. Take a moment to look at each member of your team and think about what they enjoy most and do well. Then cross-train your staff where it best serves your ASC and each staff member. Doing so will reduce downtime increase teamwork mentality. Another way to increase moral is to be transparent whenever possible and give your staff ownership over the sucesses of the ASC. Never underestimate the power of cohesion in the workplace.

Satisfied Customers